Loop Of Us (2017)

Director: Lukas Nekola.
Length: 11:52 minutes.
Frame Size: 1280x720p.
Frame Rate: 25.

Short documentary produced by the directors’ camera work, to capture spontaneous and planned shots that will add production value in the editing process. It follows actions and appearance of persons and things that are in a particular way governed by the manner of delivery. Very literally, this type of production is mostly based on “a method in which editing is the film” (Reisz, Millar 1968 p. 123).

Generally speaking, documentaries don’t have a critical plot to keep the audience exited by telling an intriguing story in order to generate interest and suspense throughout the story. The interpretation of a theme is a matter of creative process and it requires a personal judgement, an opinion or careful thought of what is the director’s vision of the film, and the editing choices on a nonfiction film. As a film or video editor, the goal is to seek out an original and expressive way that makes it “enough and as good” for others, because “the film’s merit will rest on the quality of the treatment, not in the spontaneous entertaining power of the theme itself” (Reisz, Millar p.124).

The Future’s Past


Happy Hour

“When film is not a document, it is dream.” — Ingmar Bergman.