Title Sequence for Movie

Sometimes you can spot the cliché about a movie based on the title sequence. If the graphics are really creative and interesting, it sets the stylistic tone, the movie’s mood, texture, the energy level and rhythmic flow of an edit. But still, not all films have great titles or opening sequences to grabb everyone’s attention right at the start.

Blade Runner 2049 End Titles

End Credits Loop Of Us (2017)

The titles and end credits set the tone, atmosphere and characters who have been played by actors for the film’s thematic, the cast and crew.

Opening title design Man On Fire (2004)

In the title sequence Man On Fire a small amount of positive tracking is applied with Tracking Amount.

Thunder Strike 2 Sound download here.

Fire Background Loop 1 download here.

Title sequence Pain & Gain (2013)

The title sequence in Pain & Gain provides inspiration and it really sets the tone for the correct vibe and are particularly well in the action movies.

Scaled the text field down from 150% to 100% and added a camera to the composition with a null object to animate camera’ Y position up and down for the camera shake effect.

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