Title Sequence for Movie

Sometimes you can spot the cliché about a movie based on the title sequence. If the graphics are really creative and interesting, it sets the stylistic tone, the movie’s mood, texture, the energy level and rhythmic flow of an edit. But still, not all films have great titles or opening sequences to grabb everyone’s attention right at the start.

Here is an attempt to replicate the title sequence within the film’s opening scene that continues to provide inspiration.

Opening title design Man On Fire (2004)

Title sequence Pain & Gain (2013)

The text field PAIN & GAIN was scaled down from 150% to 100%. Added a camera to the composition and two keyframes to animate camera’ Z position to zoom in the content. Also, a null object to animate camera’ Y position up and down a number of frames and an expression, called Inertia Bounce.

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Author: EditorFilm

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