Invisible Cuts: I Get Lifted

Inspired by the DJ’s to create exciting build-ups and transitions to connect the production tracks, and to maintain continuity within musical elements. I’ve used a variety of one handed cuts in this music mix to remix exclusive, electronic dance and house tracks. A cut should always be marked by smooth transitions or transitions sound effects.


Genre* Progressive House, Tech House, Electro House, Deep House


  • Dj Optick – Obsession – Ibiza Global Radio – 27.05.2018.mp3
  • Jose Maria Ramon Recuerdas Aquellas Locas Nocheviejas – Ene 15
  • Jose Maria Ramon Birthday Bash – 11 Mayo 16
  • THE BREEZE By AlexUnder Base @ CFM # 146 [Soundcloud]
  • THE BREEZE By AlexUnder Base @ CFM # 147 [Soundcloud]
  • Miguel Garji- Elefant Vol 1º- Oct 16

My goal is to have the transitions between these tracks go unnoticed, like one continuous audio illusion. So the question now is: How many edits have you noticed in this music remix? Can you spot any of them?


Author: EditorFilm

Video film editor with experience in design, programming, graphics, and all phases of post-production.