Invisible Cuts: I Get Lifted

One of the challenges editors face in post-production is to keep the film or video flowing naturally by adding some invisible cuts to support visual continuity … there are invisible effects designed to perfectly hide the transition from the audience. The goal is to completely hide the transition from the audience; to get different shots and the sound to change and appear as one continuous take.

Hard cuts are often used when going from scene to scene, jumping around in time, and also to achieve something in the viewers’ response a hard cut makes the transition very efficient. However, the use of a hard cut is entirely based on the context.

The general use of jump cuts is intended to draw attention to what might otherwise go unnoticed, because of its carefully constructed narrative. For example, moving from point A to point B.


Genre* Progressive House, Tech House, Electro House, Deep House


  • Dj Optick – Obsession – Ibiza Global Radio – 27.05.2018.mp3
  • Jose Maria Ramon Recuerdas Aquellas Locas Nocheviejas – Ene 15
  • Jose Maria Ramon Birthday Bash – 11 Mayo 16
  • THE BREEZE By AlexUnder Base @ CFM # 146 [Soundcloud]
  • THE BREEZE By AlexUnder Base @ CFM # 147 [Soundcloud]
  • Miguel Garji- Elefant Vol 1º- Oct 16

There are many match cuts that form the basis for continuity editing, and getting some good exercise to identify them, anything at all, can help you get in shape and pick up the basics for good editing. Can you tell how many edits there are within this music remix compilation?


Author: EditorFilm

Video film editor with experience in design, programming, graphics, and all phases of post-production.