Video editing changes our perception of understanding of how we interpret a subject, an idea, even different sensations that can affect our views and beliefs about the life we build. By using different storytelling methods the main focus is to structure the story; to make it flow in the direction where it is post creative and clearly expressive.

Do The Work …

Watch my Demo Reel, with the title sequence for the storyboard set, VFX and transitions.

Editing Tools

Working back and forth between Avid Media Composer, Premiere, After Effects and Media Encoder.


I get inspired by a good storyboard able to pinpoint inspiring edits and by the 91st Academy Awards.

Blade Runner 2049 End Titles

A title sequence will play a crucial role in the story. In the modern days of cinema most movies have the opportunity to have new ideas to work on which adds to that ’aha’ moment of creativity. In this regard, the opening and closing title credits can be artistically constructed and designed to capture a distinctive heightened style of the film and contemporary video-making.

Before films or TV programs presented the opening credits and opening title sequences at the beginning, but now, it’s reversed. This is shifted to long ending credits, with music and relevant typefaces. I love watching movies that contain a credit sequence with a unique title design or creative animation regardless if they are at the beginning of a movie or at the end.

Insights on Film Editing

To make a beautiful movie the filmmaker may need to apply some creativity and strategic planning to the cinematography. And most of the creative choices will require camera operators to use their imagination to ensure that those shots and angles needed to create the director’s vision have been planned well in advance.

When it comes to editing a film, it’s important to think about the pacing of an edit. Pacing can be manipilated, and could be described as the manipulation of time to create rhythms in the editing process.

Another important aspect of editing is to cut at the correct time, and look for motivation for those cuts. Fox points out that “every edit has to have a purpose, and it has to forward the story ” to the audience.

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