Skills and knowledge for video editing to produce work of aesthetic beauty; to establish the pace, create continuity, and make transitions that support storytelling or convey the mood of the story projected by characters and determines the tone of the narrative.

I am very passionate about the filmmaking and storytelling, to develop the visual editing style and create meaning. Find out more on About page, or check my Showreel for details.

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Insights on Film Editing

No art passes our conscience in the way film does, and goes directly to our feelings, deep down into the dark rooms of our souls.

– Ingmar Bergman

In addition to editing raw footage, and preparing it for publication film making is about the style or voice being revealed, and as film editors style emerge and become consistent, the experience of viewing a film also becomes a lot easier; because we respond well not only to content, form, consistency of shapes, but also to stylistic choices.

This means that besides the content, the use of editing style can help to define the look and mood of the story, and shape the manipulations of the plot which visually influence how people respond emotionally to narratives. As Speidel (2006) points out that films tell stories. While this is not true of all films, the cinematic narration as a “multivocal” medium that narrates through sound and pictures “enables films to co-opt the communicative capabilities of a whole host of other media and forms” (Speidel 2006).

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